Cheerios Operation Homefront at Walmart

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How does this program, work?
  1. BUY A BOX – purchase specially-marked family-size boxes of Cheerios only available at Walmart
  2. ENTER A CODE – each valid code you enter equals a $1 donation to Operation Homefront (up to $200,000)
  3. GIVE TO A NEED – choose which cause you'd like your donation to go towards

See the Terms and Conditions for complete details.
Which Cheerios products are eligible?
Look for these specially-marked boxes of Cheerios, only at Walmart.

Yellow Box Cheerios – Family Size (18 oz)
Honey Nut Cheerios – Family Size (21.6 oz)
Multi-Grain Cheerios – Family Size (18 oz)

You can find your unique code on the inside of the box.
How many times can I make a donation?
You may enter as many codes as you have during the program period, or until we meet our $200,000 donation goal. Each code can only be entered once.
How will I know if my donation is made?
Once the program is over (November 1 or once the donation goal is met) we'll award the total donation amount to Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront will then designate funds to each cause as decided by the user. If the need has already been met, remaining funds will be used to support Operation Homefront programs most in need of support.
I think I’m having technical issues. What should I do?
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  2. Check to see that JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings.
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